Got hair? make money with it

Got Hair? How to make Money with It
Desperate times call for desperate measures is a motto which has been adopted by many people especially in this awful economic situation. People are coming up with new ideas to survive due to the high rate of firing in the job market leaving many people unemployed. So, why don’t you use natural resources to earn money? Sell your hair and make some money. You have a consistent source of income on top of your head because your hair will grow back and you can sell it again. In the last few years, human hair is actually in high demand especially for those who make wigs, weaves, extensions etc. So if you need some quick cash, follow some of the following pointers.
So what do you need to be able to sell your hair?
First, your hair should be at least 10 inches long. Secondly, it must be free from chemical treatments such as perms, dyes etc. This means that your hair must be all natural so as to qualify for selling purposes. Last but not least, before you sell your hair make sure that it meets all the standards, preferences and expectations that the buyer has set.
How much money can you get from selling your hair?
Depending on your hair color, quality and hair strength, you can make huge amounts of money. There are people who have made up to $2000 from selling their hair. However, most people make $300 -$900.
How to Prepare Your Hair to make it acceptable
Once you decide to sell your hair, you can prepare it so that you can earn lots of money from it. Some people say you should braid it 6 months before the sale to make sure it grows as long as possible.
Secondly, make sure that you eat healthy foods since your diet has an impact on your hair. Avoid bad habits such as smoking or taking drugs since they can make your hair be of low quality. To avoid removing the natural oils from your hair, make sure you don’t shampoo it everyday.

How can you market your hair?
To make sure that you get the highest demand for your hair, you can market it by photographing it from different angles before you cut it. Make sure it has a good shine by washing/rinsing it and also brushing it. Also trim the ends to make sure it looks as natural as possible. Go through listings for hair products and get the best price for your hair. When advertising make sure you mention the length and also your diet preferences to make the buyers interested. You can also mention how much you would like to receive from the sale of your hair.
Most buyers send payment through paypal so make sure you have a paypal account. You can use hair selling websites where you can get the best demand for your hair. But Don’t cut your hair until you have a contract.

Career Changer

Good Careers for Career Changers
Are you tired of your old career? Are you looking for something new, something that will give you an edge, something that will give you more money than you are used to? Well, below are a few ideas you can put to work.
• Freelance jobs – There are so many people switching careers to freelance jobs. Freelancing has become a very common phenomenon today. You can take your hobby or passion and turn it into a cash cow. For instance, if you love photography, you can look for agencies which operate with freelance photographers and become one. This can make you a lot of money.
• Freelance Writing – There are so many people earning a lot of money from freelance writing. There are numerous websites that allows writers to apply for jobs posted by employers and actually make a good living out of that. For instance, Odesk is one site which has become renowned among many countries in the past few years.
• Academic Writing – If you love to write academic essays or other academic material, you can look for websites which deal with that exactly, register and become one among the millions of people earning a lot of money online.
• Blog Writing – The internet is full of blogs which are huge cash cows for lots of people. You can create your own blog where you can post anything on any topic. To become a successful blogger, you must have a Google Adsense account. You must also make sure that your blog ranks among the top in search engine results. Once you have accumulated a lot of traffic, Google will post ads on your blog earning you a lot of money once people view these ads.
• Making handicrafts – If you love making handicrafts as a hobby, you can do this professionally and earn a lot of money from this. You can either sell your handicrafts online or in retail shops which deal with distribution of handicrafts.
• Change professions – You can take evening classes on another profession and once you are through with the classes you can venture into the new profession. For instance, if you were a teacher, you can take accounting classes and become a successful accountant.
• Forex trading – You can become a forex trader on the internet where you can deal with the exchange of currencies for a profit. It may be quite hard to master this trick but once you become a pro, you will be laughing all the way to the bank!
Note that once you change careers, it might be a little bit hard for the new career to pick up immediately. As such, before you switch your career immediately you can use some of the following pointers to make sure you are successful in your new career.
• Don’t quit the old career before you have established the foundation for the new career. Start building a base for the new career while you are still in the old one. This will make the switch easier for you.
• If you venture into online based careers, make sure that you use trustworthy websites. Look for websites that have a renowned reputation in the specific area they deal with.

Going Green

Green Business Ideas
‘Going Green’ is a term which has been adopted by most environmentalists and has stretched far into the business world. Most upcoming businesses are now going green since this is the most acceptable business policy in the recent times. Well, if you are a new entrepreneur, below are some green business ideas which can actually help you become successful in the business world.
• Green housing renovator – This is an upcoming trend where more and more people shift away from buying older homes and purchase homes with lower energy consumption that do not use toxic items like oil heating. If you have a talent for renovations you can help convert older homes to energy efficient homes. This will be a massive business in the future just make sure you check with your local government to get the proper licenses. Another option is to become an energy consultant where you teach people how to make their homes more energy efficient and how to maintain them with time. You can become a consultant in the green housing sector and earn a fortune.
Home Gardens- start growing your own food and sell your chemical-free products.

• Alternative Sources of Energy – The cost of using normal energy sources is increasing rapidly. Therefore, if you are looking to venture into the green business world, you can come up with ways to use alternative sources of energy such as solar energy. You can advise people on the benefits of using alternatives sources of energy.
• Using environmental friendly cleaning products – Each passing day, artificial cleaning products are being manufactured which are not eco-friendly since they contain a lot of chemicals. To become a green business entrepreneur, you can come up with eco-friendly cleaning products which people can use to clean laundry etc. This is a sure way of earning a lot of money in the green business niche.

• Eco –friendly transport company- Most vehicles on the roads use fuels which may be considered an environmental hazard. You can establish a transportation business that uses eco-friendly cars which will keep the environment safe.

How to Make Money Pawning

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With the rate at which the economy is declining, everyone is in search of another way to make some extra money without being dependent on the little ‘peanuts’ they expect at the end of the month. Well, if you are one of those people, making money by pawning items seems like a very good idea. It may seem very hard at first but once you have mastered the pointers explained below, you are good to go!


  • Canvass various Garage Sales – Once you get wind of a garage sale, make sure that you canvass it looking for items which you can buy and resell. For instance electronics or items being offered for free but are worth some value once resold. Don’t just visit one garage sale and give up but rather visit as many as possible so that you can have a huge collection of items you can resell. Once you have collected everything, take them to a pawn shop and exchange them for money. Make sure that the price for the exchange is a little higher than what you bought them for in the garage sales since this is how you will get profits.
  • Exchanging items from one pawn shop to the other – There are times when some pawn shops may offer huge discounts of 50% or more for sales. Visit these pawnshops and buy as many items as possibly can. Look for other pawnshops which are willing to accept these items at a higher price and exchange them. Make sure that you resell the products at the full price instead of the half price you had bought them at. If all the pawnshops in your area have these discount offers, you can keep the items and wait until the prices become normal again and resell the products to the pawn shops. It is almost guaranteed that you will make a lot of profit this way.
  • Resell valuable antiques in your house – You may have bought something a long time ago and assumed it isn’t worth anything. Well, with time it may have become an antique so canvass various pawn shops asking the current market value for that antique and once you get a good offer, resell the antique. You will definitely earn a lot of profit.
  • Repair items and resell – There are some pawn shops which sell cheap items that have been well repaired and are still functioning. Well, look for any type of electronics that are broken and repair them. Once it functioning again, you can exchange it at any pawn shop and get a good profit for it. For instance, computers, TVs, Radios etc.
  • Check for valuable things that may be thrown to the trash – Your friends or neighbors may throw away valuable things in the trash just because they are broken. Once you see such items, take them and repair them. Once they are fully functional take them to the pawn shop and exchange them for money.

In conclusion, though making money from pawning may be quite difficult if you follow some of the pointers listed above you can actually make a fortune from pawning items.

Starting a business

 Steps to Starting a Business

Do you hate your job? Do you spend your day looking at the clock? Dying to be your own boss? Well entrepreneurship may be right for you, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. Starting and managing a business is tough, even if it’s a small business. Also, being a CEO of a new organization is vastly different from being an employee of a company. In order to be an effective business owner you’ll have to be able to manage risk and deal with a certain level of doubt that you may never have felt before. To a further degree, you have to be completely responsible and willing to work in the company, not just in a management capacity, if you want your business to succeed. However, if you are determined to start and work your business, you will find that it’s one of the most rewarding and exciting decisions that you can ever make. To start a business, you should  follow these steps:

Choosing the type of business you want to start

Obviously, you have to think about the type of business that you want to begin. Most of the time, people will start a certain type of business due to the belief that they will make more money from that business than they did as an employee; however, it is important to keep in mind that it’s best to select a business field that you are knowledgeable about or have an interest in. The best thing about starting a business that you have an interest in is that  you will work twice as hard because you like what you’re doing, yet it won’t feel like work. In short, list all of your ideas, determine which ones you are most knowledgeable and  passionate about, then narrow it down to the ones that require the least amount of capital to start. Finally, carefully review your list and go for the one that you like best. Remember you have to turn down a million good ideas to work one great idea.

Do intense research

One of the most important things to keep in mind when starting a business is to do some careful research. Without doing so, you’ll have many problems in your business sooner or later.  You have to research everything that your business will need such as the equipment that is necessary to start the business, as well as the number of employees you will hire and their job duties, skill-set, etc.. Also, you need to research how much capital is necessary to make the business run for at least a year.  Next, you must identify your target market and the equipment as well as machines that you need to make the business work well. Once you learn all this information you will have an idea about your general business system and how to set the proper expectations on it.

Make a business plan

In writing a business plan, it should be very detailed as it should be your guide for the things that you need to accomplish. Do not skip over planning sections just because you think that you know what you would do in a certain situation. Your to-do list must be looked at on a daily basis and should be your motivation for accomplishing things in a well-timed manner. For more info on business planning and financing your new business go to the Contact us page and shoot us an email.

In summary, while there are numerous steps in starting a business, as long as you identify a need and are passionate, determined, and set realistic, attainable goals you have nothing to fear.Remember  Set goals, dream big and you’ll certainly earn extra income and make your business succeed.

Unique ways to make Money

The advent of the global recession has caused many individuals to come up with  ingenious methods to create a living for themselves. These trying times have caused infamous spendthrifts to become very frugal, and unearth their innate drive to survive. A few ways that people are seeking to make money are as follows: creating unique everyday clothing, creating arm bands, goods and services, online services; tutoring,

  1.       Unique everyday Clothing

This entails creating earrings made from exotic sea shells found on any sea-side and coast, feathered earrings these feather designs can be found at any fabric store for a menial cost. Clothing design; this could start off with an individual that has a flair for tailoring, they could start off by taking in garments to fit the body structure and as their credibility grows with increased clientele, so will their sales. This is suited for individuals that are very creative and love to produce quality products.

      2.        Arm bands

This idea may seem absurd but there is a great demand for arm bands world-wide this is  a result of the many entertainment events that happen on a daily basis and many events require a form of identification to differentiate those patrons that paid to enter. Also to distinguish between those that get V.I.P service from those that get regular services.

        3.    Good and Services

This includes bars on the go. A type of service that caters to all the alcoholic beverages and alcoholic catering needs bringing the bar experience to you; providing the expertise in mixing the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without the hassle of hiring different companies to do this.

         4.    Online Services

The internet has provided a whole new market place linking employers and employees globally, truly making the world seem small. Online services include web design, programming, audio editing, blogging, software development, telemarketing for many companies that sub-contract workers globally for a reduced cost and delivery in a timely and efficient manner. The explosion of online services has created many job opportunities for many young, old, unemployed, and a plethora of people with jobs where conventional employment has failed to offer gain-full employment.

                5.   Video Reviewer

It may seem a bit far-fetched to those who are older than 30, but money can be made while enjoying those videos we love to watch on you-tube, it’s as simple as watch and make a comment then get paid. You tube was used as an example due to the vast number of subscribers and the plethora of businesses that do viral advertisements on this medium, which is great for hard-working individuals seeking to supplement their income.





Education that doesn’t pay

College Degrees that Don’t provide a lot of Job Opportunities

There is always a panic when people lose their jobs or graduate high school. Numerous people consider going to college .I believe that education is imperative to help with self-development. However, are you sure that the degree you are planning on doing once you start college is good enough to earn you money once you start working? Statistics reveal that there are so many college graduates who have no jobs yet just because they chose the wrong degree. Also, there are so many people with good paying jobs who actually had to pursue a second major in college just to get a good job just because the first one wasn’t good enough in the job market. Well, if you are about to enroll in college, here are a few degrees you might want to stay away from since they will not prove fruitful in the job market.

  • Culinary Arts – The big question here is can you improve your cooking and knowledge without going to college for culinary arts? If so, save up that money and invest in another degree which will be more profitable. Note that, cooking comes with experience for most people which is the reason why there are so many chefs who are good at what they do, yet they don’t have a degree. So the best advice would be to save your money, spend your time improving your cooking, and spend the money on starting a restaurant.
  • Social Work – There are so many people who would like to help the disadvantaged. This is the reason why most of these people end up pursuing a social work degree in college. Unfortunately, it is a field that doesn’t pay well, so it’s better if you stayed away from it. If you pick a major making more money you can become a Good Samaritan by donating your money or anything else to the disadvantaged later in life.
  • Child and Family Studies – This is also another low paying degree without many job opportunities. Many people may choose to do it since divorce rates are so high and the magnitude of work involved benefits society as a whole; however, in this country we still tend to value entertainers ( rappers, athletes, comedians, etc.) more than we value those that improve the fabric and morality of our society. If you feel called to pursue this degree be prepared to go to graduate school.
  • Psychology/ Therapy – There are so many people who love helping others with their problems through the power of speech. Becoming a therapist requires schooling and certifications, but the problem is that there are so many licensed and unlicensed therapists out there it will be hard to get a good job once you are through. But there is hope; you can specialize in more than one area of therapy which will help you become more marketable!
  • Liberal Arts – Statistics reveal that most of the people who have taken a degree in Liberal Arts don’t have good jobs in the real world. In most cases, graduates of this degree get paid less than drivers(which one can be without even being a college graduate)
  • Horticulture – There are so many people who have a degree in Horticulture yet they don’t have a good paying job. In that case, abandon this degree or continue on to graduate school in the sciences to become a professor. If your love is in the sciences I would recommend that you pick something in the healthcare arena like nursing, ultrasound tech, etc.

In conclusion, before you settle on a degree, make sure you have researched the field well! If you are entering low- paying fields make sure it’s your calling, passion, and gifted area.

How to Make Money Day Trading


Day traders are drastically different than the traditional stock broker or trader. Day trading is just what it sounds like, making 1 day or short-term investments to quickly make money in the stock market. Until all of the wonders of the internet took flight, being a day trader from home was nearly impossible and your financial future lay solely in the hands of a broker. Now, with a little bit of time and knowledge, people can make money from home by day trading stocks, if a few key concepts are kept in mind.



To be a success at anything, it helps to have an idea what you are doing. Take the time to research stocks online and look at their trends and Price to earnings ratios. You will find that some stocks are long-term investments, while others should be sold before the week is out. If a company is producing a new product, splitting, buying out another company, restructuring its leadership, or conducting massive layoffs these are key indicators as to whether to buy or sell. It’s really a simple concept, buy low and sell high. The key is DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! If most people are jumping ship, but you think a company is solid and you understand how they make money wait until you think the stock price has hit rock bottom and buy. Conversely, if you think a stock is hot SELL, SELL, SELL don’t get greedy. This is all the investment advice we give out. We are NOT investment advisers, day trading is very risky. If you would like specific advice on picking stocks go to .   After learning how to pick stocks use online trading companies that allow you to use fake money to pretend trade while you are learning the ropes. Do it!

People waste a good deal of money on expensive online tutorials needlessly. Today there is a wealth of knowledge with minimal effort for free out there, and also take time to review strategies, blogs, etc. that are listed on various broker websites.



Many of the online traders offer a cost per transaction option and some offer a cost per unit or cost per stock option. These are typically about $10/transaction or $0.006/stock. This means that if you are trading 1660 or less units of a stock it is cheaper for you to use the per unit cost. Some people may be purchasing 50000 shares of a penny stock, though, and find the $10.00 transaction fee a better deal.

Do not try to switch back and forth between options. Instead figure out what you are going to do more of, and do it. If a few months later you find that switching tactics is in your best interest, switch at that time.



The stock market may be influenced by emotions, but that doesn’t mean your trading should be. Take advantage of stop loss and other tools offered by your online brokerage and stick to your guns to make money day trading. Letting the herd affect your decisions or riding something out because you feel “pot committed” will almost always work against your best interest.


Successful traders know what to look for to make a quick profit daily by researching the market, spending time and money wisely, and keeping tempers and passion out of the arena. Following these basic ideas will put you on the track to successful day trading.

Earn Money Now

We all have times in our lives that we need to earn some extra income fast. Whether it’s an unexpected bill or expense, such as a car repair or even something as grievous as trying to make ends meet after losing a job, there are many ways that you can quickly make the extra money that you need. Remember not to overlook simple sources of cash like that jar of coins in your bedroom. Money is readily available to you, if you don’t see it consider these options…


There are quite a few ways to make money from extra things around your home. A yard sale can quickly make hundreds over the course of a single weekend. Go to your storage space, closet, and garage and see what you don’t need or use. Rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in six months or more you probably don’t need it.

 A carwash is another option. I know I know it seems like a fundraiser at your kid’s school, but consider offering a neighborhood carwash or lawn mowing session. Advertise to each of your neighbors your plan and then go and crank them out all weekend long. At $5-10 a job you’ll have a few extra hundred dollars in no time. If you have children that are old enough to work, employ them. Neighbors are more likely to buy from and tip teenagers, so using their help can really pay off in the long run.


To earn extra income, don’t spend a lot of time and money trying to learn a new craft. Take what you are good at and run with it. Good cook? Offer frozen dinner meals to the neighbors for $10 each, a money and time saver for them and you can make several at a time to sell. Just pass out a few flyers and send out mass text messages. Also, consider making use of sites such as or to sell more traditional craft items. Instead of making a bunch ready to go, offer custom orders at a slightly higher price to save your time and make extra money. It is important that you work with tools and equipment that you already have if you’re hoping to make fast money. Otherwise, you may find yourself only breaking even, or worse yet, upside down on your venture.


Many people are making good money online either as a supplemental income or as their primary source. Consider sites like where you make $4 for completing a variety of “gigs” or’s Mechanical Turk where you make money sorting pictures or sites. New ways to make money online pop up daily. The real key to making money online is to pick a source and just do it. Over analyzing or applying yourself to too many forms of income at one time will ultimately lead to failure. Most online sources of income are not instantaneous but are more sustainable than a garage sale.

 OK, Get To Work!

Make Money Currency Trading

Most people are very confused by the prospect of making money by trading currencies. What makes one more valuable than another, when to buy, when to sell, and everything in-between. To make money trading currency, it’s all about common sense and understanding the markets.

Let’s say that the currency world resembles the patterns and behaviors of the people who own homes on your street…. Who has the nicest house, whose yard is always full of garbage, who’s in the garage working all hours of the day and night.  If you were to guess as to which of these people are the most successful and will continue to become more successful, you would most likely go with the nicest house or the hard-working person always in the garage. When planning which currency to buy and sell, it’s a similar concept. A country with a failing economy will have a devalued legal tender, a country with a long-standing strong economy is a safe investment with little shift, and a growing or industrious country offers the best chance to make money, but of course, with a bit of risk.

There are three basic economies that currency traders will be looking into:



Investing in the currency of a weak or third-world country will almost always be a dangerous or bad investment, but there may be some good opportunities to make short-term investments. For example, some of these countries may have documented trends, such as a value decrease during an election. Say that Country A usually has a currency value of 50 Examples against the US dollar. During their yearly elections, however, the value ratio changes to 75 Examples per $1, and about 1-2 months later levels return to the 1 dollar :50 examples norm. If you were to purchase currency at the 1 dollar: 50 examples rate when the Example ratio goes to 1 dollar:75  examples this means the dollar is stronger and you can buy more examples; however, this requires a ton of research to become half-way decent.              `



Finding a growing economy and knowing when or how to buy can be very rewarding when done right. Imagine having Japanese Yen before they took off with electronic market ownership. The trick is having the magic eye to find the next big hit before it makes worldwide news. Some people have told me that they are buying Chinese currency. Currently, China is one of the fastest growing economies that being said many people have their eye on that market. You should look for trends in markets or search for less mainstream media sources to look into countries with growing currency options.




Making money with safer economies is a little harder. The world uses the dollar standard to measure the value of their currency, but $10 today can’t buy what it could 20 years ago. If you pull a $100 bill out of your wallet today that you’ve been saving for 20 years it actually has less value than it did 20 years ago, but when compared to a 20-year-old Greek Drachma, which would be practically worthless right now, it shows that you risk less when investing long-term in a more stable country’s currency. If you are going to take bets with your money I would say go for what provides the greatest possible return and leave stable economies alone.  


  • Warning – Currency Trading is very risky and not for the faint of heart!

If you are looking to get started you can begin trading at today


My advice is to research the markets you are looking at investing into for at least a month and look at trends over a decade to get a feel for where you are putting your hard-earned resources.

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