Highest Paying Careers

If you want to make more money, so that you will be able to live comfortably, then you will want to know the highest paying careers out there. These careers make money even in a tough economy.  In this article I am only going to list careers by salary because many people view salary as one of the most important factors when looking for a new job. However, it is important to keep in mind that whether you’ve just graduated or trapped in a dead-end occupation, salary is not the only thing to look at it’s just a perk of the career.

While some of the highest paying jobs are very demanding and may even take several years to be eligible for, only you have the right to decide if the large salary can make all the hard work and hours of working worth it.

#1 Surgeon

One of the highest paying careers out there is being a surgeon. Numerous surgeons make upwards of $500k. This is due to the fact that surgeons take on a tremendous amount of responsibility, oftentimes holding the life of the patient in their hands. The career requires profound skill and training, which is why the salaries are so high. To have talented surgeons, the society should pay them a high salary to attract the brightest and finest individuals. Who would want to get a surgeon that is not capable of properly doing his job?   

#2 Anesthesiologist

 Anesthesiologists administer anesthetics during procedures and surgeries. In general, they are the people responsible for making the surgery proceed as smoothly as possible. Anesthesiologists get a high income for the same reasons as surgeons. Earnings are typically in the $300k ballpark.

#3Engineering Management

  This job requires both management and engineering qualifications. Specialists spend from six up to fifteen years of training in order to be qualified for this position. Usually, a bachelor’s degree is enough for a person to become an engineering manager. However, most people who want this career pursue higher learning degrees like doctorates and MBA’s. As a general responsibility, an engineering manager should coordinate teams which are responsible with research, design, planning and other important business tasks. EMs earn around $150k  

#4 CEO

Finally, and maybe the most-important, but certainly the richest job is that of a CEO or Chief Executive Officer. CEO’s oversee all the administrative levels, plus they’re directly liable for the general route the company is following.  They are usually the actual founders of the company or they get promoted when this position becomes available. For an employee to be considered for this position, he or she on average will have around thirty years experience working with that company. In my opinion, this career provides the greatest freedom and certainly provides the greatest financial return, if you disagree just look on the Forbes 500 list of the wealthiest people in the world and tell me how many on the list are CEO’s.

As you can see, all these careers need hard work, determination, time, skills, and knowledge in order for you to be qualified in one. Remember it is never too late to change your career path; however, I do have a bias if you are going to put your energy into becoming any of the above careers my vote would be for you to put your energy into becoming a CEO, but if you put enough effort in your work, you’ll find that you will be successful in whatever career you choose.

Start Making Money with a YouTube Business


There are a number of ways to make money online. Of these, making money on YouTube is one of the most popular. YouTube gives its’ users the ability to monetize their videos; however, it can be difficult to turn a decent profit on YouTube. Fortunately, if the person is patient, determined, and creative it can be a very good way of making money.
 The first step in the process of making money with a YouTube business would be to get a decent camcorder. The best way to make a film look legitimate is by recording it using a ‘Hollywood’ quality frame rate, which is 24 frames per second. This frame rate gives the video that slightly blurred, slightly grainy look that we see on big-budget movies. The cameras capable of this effect can range from $500 to $5,000, but for YouTube, something smaller and cheaper will suffice. If your finances are in order though, you can get the larger, more expensive camera, which may increase your chances of making money with a YouTube business. The more expensive cameras will give you many more options. Keep in mind, however, that just because you have an expensive camera does not mean your video will be great – it is all in how you use it.
 The second step in the process of making money would be to find an original and unique skit for a YouTube clip. It could be a funny news piece, or a silly clip about whatever you find interesting. The best thing to do is to get a few people together and come up with a script. The script does not have to be complete – it could simply give an idea as to what everyone will be doing. This is the most important step for making money with a YouTube business, because the idea, or premise, will be what attracts viewers. 
 Once you have your equipment and an idea, begin shooting. This is how YouTubers start making money. Make sure you take plenty of shots from different angles with different lighting. After your film is complete, splice, cut, snip, and mesh your scenes together. The editing is crucial for a business making money on YouTube. Honestly, without this step, making money would be next to impossible.
 Go ahead and upload your video, but do not stop there. In order to maximize your chance of making money with a YouTube business, you will need to keep producing videos.  Also, after you post a video to YouTube, share it on social networking sites. This will draw traffic to the videos, which increases the chances of making money and will increase the finances for future films.
 If the videos draw enough traffic, YouTube will send an email offering a partnership. This is the business end of the deal.  Fill out all necessary papers and send them in. Once this is done, you will need to sign up for a Google AdSense account, because that is how you will start making money. Keep in mind that Google AdSense only pays after $100 has been accumulated, so be patient.
 If your finances are in order and you want to start making money with your YouTube business, then begin leap into the world of entrepreneurship and develop your premise as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the faster you will start making money. The more money you make, the quicker your business will grow and increase your chance of boosting your ability to finance future projects.

How to Make a Career out of Medical Billing and Medical Coding


 The field of medical coding and billing is just as vast as the other fields in the medical industry itself, though much easier to get into. Anyone with basic clerical and/or medical education is probably well qualified for the position; however, specific course education is an essential part to securing a high-paying medical coding and billing position. If you are interested in pursuing a career in medical coding and billing, the steps to get there are quite straightforward and relatively easy to complete.

 STEP 1- Look for a job that is hiring entry-level employees that will help you learn the field of medical billing, coding, and insurance. If you are not interested in working just yet begin by deciding on a specific field in coding and billing, then look for an institution of higher learning and begin learning your new trade. Many community colleges, universities, and even online universities will offer the opportunity to learn the courses needed for a career in medical coding and billing. Most schools require that you take courses in medical terminology. It will most likely also be a requirement for you to take courses covering coding, including HCPCS codes, CPT, ICD-9, and the other general basics.


STEP 2 – Whether you worked for a company or went to an institution of higher education you should now get certified. Once you have completed your education, either on-the-job or in college, you will need to complete some certification tests that are relatively easy to anyone maintaining a 2.5 GPA and higher, though an actual job may want to see a higher GPA. The certification tests are easy to register for, and some areas may even offer a variety of convenient test locations and times. Once the testing has been completed, finding a position is quite easy. With the medical industry growing by leaps and bounds with our longer life-spans and with our aging society, the need for medical coding and billing specialists has never been higher.


STEP 3 – After certification find a work from home position. Beware of work from home scams asking you to pay first before you begin working.


If you enjoy working in an office setting or working independently, then medical coding and billing may be a great choice for you. People who are looking for a job to make money from home also may find this industry very beneficial. Working in medical coding and billing is great for people that prefer to work alone as you will have minimal need to interact with others other than occasional phone calls or emails. If you are uncomfortable in a sales or management type office job, but prefer an office setting then medical coding and billing will be a good fit for you too.

As with any career field, it is faster and easier if you already know which sort of medical coding and billing position you want to achieve, though this can of course be changed and modified as you work towards completing your education.

Once you have decided on the what and where, next you need to start on the how. The cost of the education varies greatly and may have even played a role into selecting how you want to learn your courses. There are a variety of scholarships and grants available, and your current job may even offer tuition reimbursement for some or all of the courses you take.

How to Make Money “Turking”


 Believe it or not there are still numerous things that people do better than computers. Or at least it’s easier to have a person do it than to try and program a computer to recognize what a person can in a matter of seconds. This is the basic idea behind Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and how you can make some relatively easy money at home on your spare time.
One of the first ever artificial intelligence, or AI, programs dates all the way back to late 18th century, if you can believe that. At that time, a Hungarian nobleman had an idea for a chess playing program not unlike the basic computer chess games of today, only on a real chess board. He dressed his “AI program” in elaborate Turkish robes and it was referred to as Turk. Ironically, we have come full circle asking people to do what the computer cannot in identifying information on the internet.
The sign-up process for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is fairly straightforward and simple, in fact if you are reading this you most likely already have everything you need, a computer and an internet connection. Follow the instructions of the enrollment process and you are pretty much ready to start making money right away. To get started now go to https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome
Responsibilities will vary from task to task. Some common responsibilities include filling out surveys, checking the user friendliness of a site, and transcribing podcast into text. Sometimes you can find jobs that will ask you to sort websites into categories. To do this you would visit a variety of websites and sort them into categories (Usually you will be given a word or phrase to search on a web search engine such as Google or Bing). Then you will flip through the returned searches and categorize in choices such as “entertainment” or “motivational” or a wide variety of options that are relevant.
Another “HIT” or human intelligence task, Amazon’s word for a job, is mapping out geographic locations. You may be asked to look at and identify specific items in pictures such as marking out landmarks or architecture. Typically you will open the picture in paint and draw a line or circle over the items that they ask you to identify. It is very important that you read the instructions to make sure that you are properly logging all of your activity so that you will be paid properly.
By using your brain, computer, and free time with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk you can make some additional income from home to help in these rough economic times. Just make sure that you take the time to review the tasks that you are choosing to do, as incomplete or inaccurate work is the main reason why people do not get paid what they expected to make.




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