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Got hair? make money with it

Got Hair? How to make Money with It
Desperate times call for desperate measures is a motto which has been adopted by many people especially in this awful economic situation. People are coming up with new ideas to survive due to the high rate of firing in the job market leaving many people unemployed. So, why don’t you use natural resources to earn money? Sell your hair and make some money. You have a consistent source of income on top of your head because your hair will grow back and you can sell it again. In the last few years, human hair is actually in high demand especially for those who make wigs, weaves, extensions etc. So if you need some quick cash, follow some of the following pointers.
So what do you need to be able to sell your hair?
First, your hair should be at least 10 inches long. Secondly, it must be free from chemical treatments such as perms, dyes etc. This means that your hair must be all natural so as to qualify for selling purposes. Last but not least, before you sell your hair make sure that it meets all the standards, preferences and expectations that the buyer has set.
How much money can you get from selling your hair?
Depending on your hair color, quality and hair strength, you can make huge amounts of money. There are people who have made up to $2000 from selling their hair. However, most people make $300 -$900.
How to Prepare Your Hair to make it acceptable
Once you decide to sell your hair, you can prepare it so that you can earn lots of money from it. Some people say you should braid it 6 months before the sale to make sure it grows as long as possible.
Secondly, make sure that you eat healthy foods since your diet has an impact on your hair. Avoid bad habits such as smoking or taking drugs since they can make your hair be of low quality. To avoid removing the natural oils from your hair, make sure you don’t shampoo it everyday.

How can you market your hair?
To make sure that you get the highest demand for your hair, you can market it by photographing it from different angles before you cut it. Make sure it has a good shine by washing/rinsing it and also brushing it. Also trim the ends to make sure it looks as natural as possible. Go through listings for hair products and get the best price for your hair. When advertising make sure you mention the length and also your diet preferences to make the buyers interested. You can also mention how much you would like to receive from the sale of your hair.
Most buyers send payment through paypal so make sure you have a paypal account. You can use hair selling websites where you can get the best demand for your hair. But Don’t cut your hair until you have a contract.

How to Make Money Pawning

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With the rate at which the economy is declining, everyone is in search of another way to make some extra money without being dependent on the little ‘peanuts’ they expect at the end of the month. Well, if you are one of those people, making money by pawning items seems like a very good idea. It may seem very hard at first but once you have mastered the pointers explained below, you are good to go!


  • Canvass various Garage Sales – Once you get wind of a garage sale, make sure that you canvass it looking for items which you can buy and resell. For instance electronics or items being offered for free but are worth some value once resold. Don’t just visit one garage sale and give up but rather visit as many as possible so that you can have a huge collection of items you can resell. Once you have collected everything, take them to a pawn shop and exchange them for money. Make sure that the price for the exchange is a little higher than what you bought them for in the garage sales since this is how you will get profits.
  • Exchanging items from one pawn shop to the other – There are times when some pawn shops may offer huge discounts of 50% or more for sales. Visit these pawnshops and buy as many items as possibly can. Look for other pawnshops which are willing to accept these items at a higher price and exchange them. Make sure that you resell the products at the full price instead of the half price you had bought them at. If all the pawnshops in your area have these discount offers, you can keep the items and wait until the prices become normal again and resell the products to the pawn shops. It is almost guaranteed that you will make a lot of profit this way.
  • Resell valuable antiques in your house – You may have bought something a long time ago and assumed it isn’t worth anything. Well, with time it may have become an antique so canvass various pawn shops asking the current market value for that antique and once you get a good offer, resell the antique. You will definitely earn a lot of profit.
  • Repair items and resell – There are some pawn shops which sell cheap items that have been well repaired and are still functioning. Well, look for any type of electronics that are broken and repair them. Once it functioning again, you can exchange it at any pawn shop and get a good profit for it. For instance, computers, TVs, Radios etc.
  • Check for valuable things that may be thrown to the trash – Your friends or neighbors may throw away valuable things in the trash just because they are broken. Once you see such items, take them and repair them. Once they are fully functional take them to the pawn shop and exchange them for money.

In conclusion, though making money from pawning may be quite difficult if you follow some of the pointers listed above you can actually make a fortune from pawning items.

Unique ways to make Money

The advent of the global recession has caused many individuals to come up with  ingenious methods to create a living for themselves. These trying times have caused infamous spendthrifts to become very frugal, and unearth their innate drive to survive. A few ways that people are seeking to make money are as follows: creating unique everyday clothing, creating arm bands, goods and services, online services; tutoring,

  1.       Unique everyday Clothing

This entails creating earrings made from exotic sea shells found on any sea-side and coast, feathered earrings these feather designs can be found at any fabric store for a menial cost. Clothing design; this could start off with an individual that has a flair for tailoring, they could start off by taking in garments to fit the body structure and as their credibility grows with increased clientele, so will their sales. This is suited for individuals that are very creative and love to produce quality products.

      2.        Arm bands

This idea may seem absurd but there is a great demand for arm bands world-wide this is  a result of the many entertainment events that happen on a daily basis and many events require a form of identification to differentiate those patrons that paid to enter. Also to distinguish between those that get V.I.P service from those that get regular services.

        3.    Good and Services

This includes bars on the go. A type of service that caters to all the alcoholic beverages and alcoholic catering needs bringing the bar experience to you; providing the expertise in mixing the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without the hassle of hiring different companies to do this.

         4.    Online Services

The internet has provided a whole new market place linking employers and employees globally, truly making the world seem small. Online services include web design, programming, audio editing, blogging, software development, telemarketing for many companies that sub-contract workers globally for a reduced cost and delivery in a timely and efficient manner. The explosion of online services has created many job opportunities for many young, old, unemployed, and a plethora of people with jobs where conventional employment has failed to offer gain-full employment.

                5.   Video Reviewer

It may seem a bit far-fetched to those who are older than 30, but money can be made while enjoying those videos we love to watch on you-tube, it’s as simple as watch and make a comment then get paid. You tube was used as an example due to the vast number of subscribers and the plethora of businesses that do viral advertisements on this medium, which is great for hard-working individuals seeking to supplement their income.





Earn Money Now

We all have times in our lives that we need to earn some extra income fast. Whether it’s an unexpected bill or expense, such as a car repair or even something as grievous as trying to make ends meet after losing a job, there are many ways that you can quickly make the extra money that you need. Remember not to overlook simple sources of cash like that jar of coins in your bedroom. Money is readily available to you, if you don’t see it consider these options…


There are quite a few ways to make money from extra things around your home. A yard sale can quickly make hundreds over the course of a single weekend. Go to your storage space, closet, and garage and see what you don’t need or use. Rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in six months or more you probably don’t need it.

 A carwash is another option. I know I know it seems like a fundraiser at your kid’s school, but consider offering a neighborhood carwash or lawn mowing session. Advertise to each of your neighbors your plan and then go and crank them out all weekend long. At $5-10 a job you’ll have a few extra hundred dollars in no time. If you have children that are old enough to work, employ them. Neighbors are more likely to buy from and tip teenagers, so using their help can really pay off in the long run.


To earn extra income, don’t spend a lot of time and money trying to learn a new craft. Take what you are good at and run with it. Good cook? Offer frozen dinner meals to the neighbors for $10 each, a money and time saver for them and you can make several at a time to sell. Just pass out a few flyers and send out mass text messages. Also, consider making use of sites such as or to sell more traditional craft items. Instead of making a bunch ready to go, offer custom orders at a slightly higher price to save your time and make extra money. It is important that you work with tools and equipment that you already have if you’re hoping to make fast money. Otherwise, you may find yourself only breaking even, or worse yet, upside down on your venture.


Many people are making good money online either as a supplemental income or as their primary source. Consider sites like where you make $4 for completing a variety of “gigs” or’s Mechanical Turk where you make money sorting pictures or sites. New ways to make money online pop up daily. The real key to making money online is to pick a source and just do it. Over analyzing or applying yourself to too many forms of income at one time will ultimately lead to failure. Most online sources of income are not instantaneous but are more sustainable than a garage sale.

 OK, Get To Work!

Make Money Currency Trading

Most people are very confused by the prospect of making money by trading currencies. What makes one more valuable than another, when to buy, when to sell, and everything in-between. To make money trading currency, it’s all about common sense and understanding the markets.

Let’s say that the currency world resembles the patterns and behaviors of the people who own homes on your street…. Who has the nicest house, whose yard is always full of garbage, who’s in the garage working all hours of the day and night.  If you were to guess as to which of these people are the most successful and will continue to become more successful, you would most likely go with the nicest house or the hard-working person always in the garage. When planning which currency to buy and sell, it’s a similar concept. A country with a failing economy will have a devalued legal tender, a country with a long-standing strong economy is a safe investment with little shift, and a growing or industrious country offers the best chance to make money, but of course, with a bit of risk.

There are three basic economies that currency traders will be looking into:



Investing in the currency of a weak or third-world country will almost always be a dangerous or bad investment, but there may be some good opportunities to make short-term investments. For example, some of these countries may have documented trends, such as a value decrease during an election. Say that Country A usually has a currency value of 50 Examples against the US dollar. During their yearly elections, however, the value ratio changes to 75 Examples per $1, and about 1-2 months later levels return to the 1 dollar :50 examples norm. If you were to purchase currency at the 1 dollar: 50 examples rate when the Example ratio goes to 1 dollar:75  examples this means the dollar is stronger and you can buy more examples; however, this requires a ton of research to become half-way decent.              `



Finding a growing economy and knowing when or how to buy can be very rewarding when done right. Imagine having Japanese Yen before they took off with electronic market ownership. The trick is having the magic eye to find the next big hit before it makes worldwide news. Some people have told me that they are buying Chinese currency. Currently, China is one of the fastest growing economies that being said many people have their eye on that market. You should look for trends in markets or search for less mainstream media sources to look into countries with growing currency options.




Making money with safer economies is a little harder. The world uses the dollar standard to measure the value of their currency, but $10 today can’t buy what it could 20 years ago. If you pull a $100 bill out of your wallet today that you’ve been saving for 20 years it actually has less value than it did 20 years ago, but when compared to a 20-year-old Greek Drachma, which would be practically worthless right now, it shows that you risk less when investing long-term in a more stable country’s currency. If you are going to take bets with your money I would say go for what provides the greatest possible return and leave stable economies alone.  


  • Warning – Currency Trading is very risky and not for the faint of heart!

If you are looking to get started you can begin trading at today


My advice is to research the markets you are looking at investing into for at least a month and look at trends over a decade to get a feel for where you are putting your hard-earned resources.

Start Making Money with a YouTube Business


There are a number of ways to make money online. Of these, making money on YouTube is one of the most popular. YouTube gives its’ users the ability to monetize their videos; however, it can be difficult to turn a decent profit on YouTube. Fortunately, if the person is patient, determined, and creative it can be a very good way of making money.
 The first step in the process of making money with a YouTube business would be to get a decent camcorder. The best way to make a film look legitimate is by recording it using a ‘Hollywood’ quality frame rate, which is 24 frames per second. This frame rate gives the video that slightly blurred, slightly grainy look that we see on big-budget movies. The cameras capable of this effect can range from $500 to $5,000, but for YouTube, something smaller and cheaper will suffice. If your finances are in order though, you can get the larger, more expensive camera, which may increase your chances of making money with a YouTube business. The more expensive cameras will give you many more options. Keep in mind, however, that just because you have an expensive camera does not mean your video will be great – it is all in how you use it.
 The second step in the process of making money would be to find an original and unique skit for a YouTube clip. It could be a funny news piece, or a silly clip about whatever you find interesting. The best thing to do is to get a few people together and come up with a script. The script does not have to be complete – it could simply give an idea as to what everyone will be doing. This is the most important step for making money with a YouTube business, because the idea, or premise, will be what attracts viewers. 
 Once you have your equipment and an idea, begin shooting. This is how YouTubers start making money. Make sure you take plenty of shots from different angles with different lighting. After your film is complete, splice, cut, snip, and mesh your scenes together. The editing is crucial for a business making money on YouTube. Honestly, without this step, making money would be next to impossible.
 Go ahead and upload your video, but do not stop there. In order to maximize your chance of making money with a YouTube business, you will need to keep producing videos.  Also, after you post a video to YouTube, share it on social networking sites. This will draw traffic to the videos, which increases the chances of making money and will increase the finances for future films.
 If the videos draw enough traffic, YouTube will send an email offering a partnership. This is the business end of the deal.  Fill out all necessary papers and send them in. Once this is done, you will need to sign up for a Google AdSense account, because that is how you will start making money. Keep in mind that Google AdSense only pays after $100 has been accumulated, so be patient.
 If your finances are in order and you want to start making money with your YouTube business, then begin leap into the world of entrepreneurship and develop your premise as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the faster you will start making money. The more money you make, the quicker your business will grow and increase your chance of boosting your ability to finance future projects.

How to Make Money “Turking”


 Believe it or not there are still numerous things that people do better than computers. Or at least it’s easier to have a person do it than to try and program a computer to recognize what a person can in a matter of seconds. This is the basic idea behind Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and how you can make some relatively easy money at home on your spare time.
One of the first ever artificial intelligence, or AI, programs dates all the way back to late 18th century, if you can believe that. At that time, a Hungarian nobleman had an idea for a chess playing program not unlike the basic computer chess games of today, only on a real chess board. He dressed his “AI program” in elaborate Turkish robes and it was referred to as Turk. Ironically, we have come full circle asking people to do what the computer cannot in identifying information on the internet.
The sign-up process for Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is fairly straightforward and simple, in fact if you are reading this you most likely already have everything you need, a computer and an internet connection. Follow the instructions of the enrollment process and you are pretty much ready to start making money right away. To get started now go to
Responsibilities will vary from task to task. Some common responsibilities include filling out surveys, checking the user friendliness of a site, and transcribing podcast into text. Sometimes you can find jobs that will ask you to sort websites into categories. To do this you would visit a variety of websites and sort them into categories (Usually you will be given a word or phrase to search on a web search engine such as Google or Bing). Then you will flip through the returned searches and categorize in choices such as “entertainment” or “motivational” or a wide variety of options that are relevant.
Another “HIT” or human intelligence task, Amazon’s word for a job, is mapping out geographic locations. You may be asked to look at and identify specific items in pictures such as marking out landmarks or architecture. Typically you will open the picture in paint and draw a line or circle over the items that they ask you to identify. It is very important that you read the instructions to make sure that you are properly logging all of your activity so that you will be paid properly.
By using your brain, computer, and free time with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk you can make some additional income from home to help in these rough economic times. Just make sure that you take the time to review the tasks that you are choosing to do, as incomplete or inaccurate work is the main reason why people do not get paid what they expected to make.




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