Got hair? make money with it

Got Hair? How to make Money with It
Desperate times call for desperate measures is a motto which has been adopted by many people especially in this awful economic situation. People are coming up with new ideas to survive due to the high rate of firing in the job market leaving many people unemployed. So, why don’t you use natural resources to earn money? Sell your hair and make some money. You have a consistent source of income on top of your head because your hair will grow back and you can sell it again. In the last few years, human hair is actually in high demand especially for those who make wigs, weaves, extensions etc. So if you need some quick cash, follow some of the following pointers.
So what do you need to be able to sell your hair?
First, your hair should be at least 10 inches long. Secondly, it must be free from chemical treatments such as perms, dyes etc. This means that your hair must be all natural so as to qualify for selling purposes. Last but not least, before you sell your hair make sure that it meets all the standards, preferences and expectations that the buyer has set.
How much money can you get from selling your hair?
Depending on your hair color, quality and hair strength, you can make huge amounts of money. There are people who have made up to $2000 from selling their hair. However, most people make $300 -$900.
How to Prepare Your Hair to make it acceptable
Once you decide to sell your hair, you can prepare it so that you can earn lots of money from it. Some people say you should braid it 6 months before the sale to make sure it grows as long as possible.
Secondly, make sure that you eat healthy foods since your diet has an impact on your hair. Avoid bad habits such as smoking or taking drugs since they can make your hair be of low quality. To avoid removing the natural oils from your hair, make sure you don’t shampoo it everyday.

How can you market your hair?
To make sure that you get the highest demand for your hair, you can market it by photographing it from different angles before you cut it. Make sure it has a good shine by washing/rinsing it and also brushing it. Also trim the ends to make sure it looks as natural as possible. Go through listings for hair products and get the best price for your hair. When advertising make sure you mention the length and also your diet preferences to make the buyers interested. You can also mention how much you would like to receive from the sale of your hair.
Most buyers send payment through paypal so make sure you have a paypal account. You can use hair selling websites where you can get the best demand for your hair. But Don’t cut your hair until you have a contract.

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