How to Make Money Pawning


With the rate at which the economy is declining, everyone is in search of another way to make some extra money without being dependent on the little ‘peanuts’ they expect at the end of the month. Well, if you are one of those people, making money by pawning items seems like a very good idea. It may seem very hard at first but once you have mastered the pointers explained below, you are good to go!


  • Canvass various Garage Sales – Once you get wind of a garage sale, make sure that you canvass it looking for items which you can buy and resell. For instance electronics or items being offered for free but are worth some value once resold. Don’t just visit one garage sale and give up but rather visit as many as possible so that you can have a huge collection of items you can resell. Once you have collected everything, take them to a pawn shop and exchange them for money. Make sure that the price for the exchange is a little higher than what you bought them for in the garage sales since this is how you will get profits.
  • Exchanging items from one pawn shop to the other – There are times when some pawn shops may offer huge discounts of 50% or more for sales. Visit these pawnshops and buy as many items as possibly can. Look for other pawnshops which are willing to accept these items at a higher price and exchange them. Make sure that you resell the products at the full price instead of the half price you had bought them at. If all the pawnshops in your area have these discount offers, you can keep the items and wait until the prices become normal again and resell the products to the pawn shops. It is almost guaranteed that you will make a lot of profit this way.
  • Resell valuable antiques in your house – You may have bought something a long time ago and assumed it isn’t worth anything. Well, with time it may have become an antique so canvass various pawn shops asking the current market value for that antique and once you get a good offer, resell the antique. You will definitely earn a lot of profit.
  • Repair items and resell – There are some pawn shops which sell cheap items that have been well repaired and are still functioning. Well, look for any type of electronics that are broken and repair them. Once it functioning again, you can exchange it at any pawn shop and get a good profit for it. For instance, computers, TVs, Radios etc.
  • Check for valuable things that may be thrown to the trash – Your friends or neighbors may throw away valuable things in the trash just because they are broken. Once you see such items, take them and repair them. Once they are fully functional take them to the pawn shop and exchange them for money.

In conclusion, though making money from pawning may be quite difficult if you follow some of the pointers listed above you can actually make a fortune from pawning items.

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