Unique ways to make Money

The advent of the global recession has caused many individuals to come up with  ingenious methods to create a living for themselves. These trying times have caused infamous spendthrifts to become very frugal, and unearth their innate drive to survive. A few ways that people are seeking to make money are as follows: creating unique everyday clothing, creating arm bands, goods and services, online services; tutoring,

  1.       Unique everyday Clothing

This entails creating earrings made from exotic sea shells found on any sea-side and coast, feathered earrings these feather designs can be found at any fabric store for a menial cost. Clothing design; this could start off with an individual that has a flair for tailoring, they could start off by taking in garments to fit the body structure and as their credibility grows with increased clientele, so will their sales. This is suited for individuals that are very creative and love to produce quality products.

      2.        Arm bands

This idea may seem absurd but there is a great demand for arm bands world-wide this is  a result of the many entertainment events that happen on a daily basis and many events require a form of identification to differentiate those patrons that paid to enter. Also to distinguish between those that get V.I.P service from those that get regular services.

        3.    Good and Services

This includes bars on the go. A type of service that caters to all the alcoholic beverages and alcoholic catering needs bringing the bar experience to you; providing the expertise in mixing the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without the hassle of hiring different companies to do this.

         4.    Online Services

The internet has provided a whole new market place linking employers and employees globally, truly making the world seem small. Online services include web design, programming, audio editing, blogging, software development, telemarketing for many companies that sub-contract workers globally for a reduced cost and delivery in a timely and efficient manner. The explosion of online services has created many job opportunities for many young, old, unemployed, and a plethora of people with jobs where conventional employment has failed to offer gain-full employment.

                5.   Video Reviewer

It may seem a bit far-fetched to those who are older than 30, but money can be made while enjoying those videos we love to watch on you-tube, it’s as simple as watch and make a comment then get paid. You tube was used as an example due to the vast number of subscribers and the plethora of businesses that do viral advertisements on this medium, which is great for hard-working individuals seeking to supplement their income.





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