Education that doesn’t pay

College Degrees that Don’t provide a lot of Job Opportunities

There is always a panic when people lose their jobs or graduate high school. Numerous people consider going to college .I believe that education is imperative to help with self-development. However, are you sure that the degree you are planning on doing once you start college is good enough to earn you money once you start working? Statistics reveal that there are so many college graduates who have no jobs yet just because they chose the wrong degree. Also, there are so many people with good paying jobs who actually had to pursue a second major in college just to get a good job just because the first one wasn’t good enough in the job market. Well, if you are about to enroll in college, here are a few degrees you might want to stay away from since they will not prove fruitful in the job market.

  • Culinary Arts – The big question here is can you improve your cooking and knowledge without going to college for culinary arts? If so, save up that money and invest in another degree which will be more profitable. Note that, cooking comes with experience for most people which is the reason why there are so many chefs who are good at what they do, yet they don’t have a degree. So the best advice would be to save your money, spend your time improving your cooking, and spend the money on starting a restaurant.
  • Social Work – There are so many people who would like to help the disadvantaged. This is the reason why most of these people end up pursuing a social work degree in college. Unfortunately, it is a field that doesn’t pay well, so it’s better if you stayed away from it. If you pick a major making more money you can become a Good Samaritan by donating your money or anything else to the disadvantaged later in life.
  • Child and Family Studies – This is also another low paying degree without many job opportunities. Many people may choose to do it since divorce rates are so high and the magnitude of work involved benefits society as a whole; however, in this country we still tend to value entertainers ( rappers, athletes, comedians, etc.) more than we value those that improve the fabric and morality of our society. If you feel called to pursue this degree be prepared to go to graduate school.
  • Psychology/ Therapy – There are so many people who love helping others with their problems through the power of speech. Becoming a therapist requires schooling and certifications, but the problem is that there are so many licensed and unlicensed therapists out there it will be hard to get a good job once you are through. But there is hope; you can specialize in more than one area of therapy which will help you become more marketable!
  • Liberal Arts – Statistics reveal that most of the people who have taken a degree in Liberal Arts don’t have good jobs in the real world. In most cases, graduates of this degree get paid less than drivers(which one can be without even being a college graduate)
  • Horticulture – There are so many people who have a degree in Horticulture yet they don’t have a good paying job. In that case, abandon this degree or continue on to graduate school in the sciences to become a professor. If your love is in the sciences I would recommend that you pick something in the healthcare arena like nursing, ultrasound tech, etc.

In conclusion, before you settle on a degree, make sure you have researched the field well! If you are entering low- paying fields make sure it’s your calling, passion, and gifted area.

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  • Majd says:

    Most people that I went to law scohol with did not have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D unless they were older students.I went straight to law scohol out of college; however, I was the second-youngest person in my class- I graduated at 24. Most people seemed to graduate from college, work a few years, then went to law scohol. It’s very expensive so I can understand why they did that. And just remember: more degrees = more debt! My law scohol debt is over $ 80,000- I can’t imagine having debt from a Master’s program as well.Having a Master’s doesn’t really impress law firms or public interest law jobs from what I understand. They pretty much only care that you did well in scohol, graduated and passed the bar exam. They don’t care much about anything else.

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